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Musicians must master theory and technique before they can improvise.
As a creative team, we must define scope and strategy before I can
craft quality copy that is cohesive, concise, consistent, and compelling.


While all projects are unique, this is typically the process you can expect when you work with The Write Message:


Phase One: Consultation
We’ll ask each other a lot of questions to make sure I understand your needs and expectations and you feel confident I’m the right person for the job. During this stage, I’m happy to provide references and relevant writing samples.

Phase Two: Planning
I’ll work with you to put together a Creative Brief that outlines your specific objectives, including target audience, key messages, and desired tone. In addition to providing a solid foundation for a successful project, this stage also enables me to provide an accurate estimate of my time and fees.

Phase Three: Information Gathering
During this phase, I’ll review any resource materials you provide and conduct any necessary research and interviews.


Phase Four: Write, Review, Revise
Because of the upfront work put into the Creative Brief, I’ve found that it rarely takes more than two rounds of review and revision for me to get the copy just right.

Phase Five: Follow-Up
Once your project is complete, I will ask for feedback about how you liked working with me. My goal is to be the first person you think of when you or your colleagues need copywriting help. Your repeat business and referrals are how I measure my success.



I create copy that hits just the right note. I will convey your brand and benefits in a way
that is persuasive—not pushy, catchy—not contrived, and distinct—not dull.

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